6 Brunch Hot Spots in #yyc

Brunch, the genius collaboration of breakfast + lunch and the highlight of the weekend. As a hot cup of coffee in a tiny bistro, or diner on a Sunday morning is simply irresistible. The casual, comfortable laid back setting is the perfect place to catch up with friends + family, go on a date with that cute guy you met last weekend, nurse a hangover or experience part of Calgary’s growing foodie culture.

It seems that every couple of months a new unique, fantastic brunch hotspot pops up in Calgary and is flooded by people from all quadrants of the city. I for one am one of these people, as weekend brunch is something I look forward to at the end of a busy work week. Here are 5 of my favourite brunch spots in the city where you can usually find me on a Sunday morning – devouring an eggs benny of course!


Monki Breakfast Club + Bistro 

Nestled in a rustic brick building on the corner of 10th ave and 12the St. SW, this little bistro provides great food and a bright + cosy atmosphere. Generally if you get there after 9:30 on the weekend you will be looking at a decent sized wait, as the space does not hold many people. However, the menu proves to be well worth it! My personal favourite is the Chorizo, Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Benedict. If that doesn’t tingle your taste buds, they are famous for their Banana & Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast Topped with Nutella & condensed milk, along with a variety of creative dishes you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

The Beltliner 

Fun Fact: This restaurant was named after an old street car that used to run down 12th avenue!

This is a classy upscale diner adds a 50’s twist to a modern and spacious atmosphere, perfect for groups or last minute brunch dates. Their menu is the epitome of comfort food, as most of their dishes are their own spinoff of the well known classics. As you can probably guess, my favourite menu item is a benny, but not just any benny! The Lobster Benedict is by far one of my favourites in the city, the lobster is fresh and done perfectly, taking me back to my east coast roots. This is a more pricer option on the menu, but defiantly worth trying at least once!


Vendome Cafe 

This european inspired cafe is situated in the heart of Kensington, in the historic “Vendome” building and offers a unique charm that has customers, like myself, continually coming back. This cafe usually has a line around the block of hungry Calgarians antsy for their daily brunch and coffee. However, the line moves quickly as it mimics the flow of a Parisian cafe. Their menu brings a cultural diversity to Calgary’s brunch scene, while maintaining their support of local farmers and food suppliers. My go-to is a Classic Benedict or one of their decadent pastries. These pastries are placed in their display window right before the counter where you place you order, making them hard to miss and even harder to resist!


Blue Star Diner 

Home of the white brick wall with the Instagram famous blue star. This diner is located in the trendy yyc neighbourhood of Bridgeland and is a strong supporter of the local scene here in Calgary, in both their food and their practices. You can anticipate a wait, but again the food is well worth it. The wait also gives you the opportunity to browse through all of the local shops that Bridgeland has to offer. I highly suggest their pulled pork menu items such as the Pulled Pork Benny or Chipotle Pulled Pork Hash, both equally delicious and satisfying!


Chef Bar 

A cocktail bar by night and a local weekend brunch hotspot by day. New to the Calgary scene in 2015, this restaurant offers a range of food from early morning breakfast to delicious late night snacks. Their upper scale menu offers a rich selection of mouthwatering exquisite breakfast options and the best part – a benny bar! Yes, you read that correctly! Choose from a variety of options that are served on a toasted english muffin and their signature chervil champagne hollandaise sauce. I would seriously be here for a new type of benny every morning if I could!

The Fine Diner 

Last but not least! Another favourite, situated in beautiful historic Inglewood along 9th avenue. This diner is all about the atmosphere and their overall guest experience. While you wait, sip on fresh Frattello coffee and take in the stunning local artwork that encompasses the space. One of the things I love about this diner is that most of their ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, making the quality of their food unreal. If you have a sweet tooth I suggest trying their Stuffed French Toast. If your feeling a savoury option my go-to is the Pulled Pork Hash or Spicy Bacon Frittata!

xoxo Kristy



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