Somethin’ Bout A Truck

Revealing Ford’s all-new 2017 F-150 Raptor SuperCrew and Super Duty

Being a bona fide country girl, naturally and true to the cliché, I do enjoy a shiny pick-up with a little mud on the tires – and a man in a plaid shirt sitting in the driver’s seat doesn’t hurt!

Growing up it was a well-known fact in my household that you were either a Chevy or a Ford family – there was no in between. I have fond memories chumming around with my dad at car shows, or admiring a vintage beauty in the parking lot of the supermarket. I would also play the “mechanics’ assistant” and hand him a wrench or hold the flashlight as he changed the oil or did maintenance on our vehicles. As a result, I picked up on a bit of the lingo and can semi navigate my way under the hood – however let’s not put that knowledge to the test!

Needless to say, my family are true Ford fans through and through, so when I got the invitation to attend the unveiling of Ford’s new 2017 trucks I was definitely giddy!

The unveiling was held at the WinSport event tent at COP and was done particularly well. They had the crowd waiting in suspense as they cued the Jurassic Park theme song to build up the anticipation as they announced each truck. We also had the chance to hear from Ford’s Gerald Wood and Mike Sinuita who shared some of the special new features of each truck!

F-150 Raptor SuperCrew

Ford is calling this a “beast off road and on” and trust me, they’re not kidding! The all-new Raptor is built tough for the off road and is relentless on any terrain. Some features that make this the number one pickup are it’s fully boxed frame made from high-strength steel, all-new EcoBoost engine technology, 3.0-inch FOX racing shocks, 10-speed transmission, torque-on-demand and an improved power distribution between the front and back wheels that works to enhance the Raptor’s off-road agility. The performance on this pickup is incredible – I would kill to take one of these for a test drive!

F-150 Super Duty

#BuiltFordTough North America’s work truck is back and better than ever! The new Super Duty has a new look this year along with a ton of fancy new features making it the toughest, most capable Super Duty yet. What I found incredibly interesting about this truck is that it comes equipped with 7 cameras on its exterior, four of which are HD and work to give the driver a 360-degree view of their surroundings. This feature is there primarily to put your towing fears at ease, but I can imagine it would make driving in general a breeze, as this is no small toy truck

Drugged and Driving – one of these things doesn’t belong!

In addition to showing off their two new pickup’s, Ford also brought with them their all-new “Drugged Driving Suit.” This unique suit has been engineered to give users the effects of being on illegal drugs, such as cannabis, cocaine and heroin and show them the harmful effects of driving under the influence of any of these substances. The suit simulates certain side affects of these drugs, such as distorted vision, hand tremors, poor coordination and slower reaction time, all of which are the causes of many motor vehicle accidents.

Photo Credit: Brookline PR’s Doug Self

According to NHTSA, approximately 18 percent of all motor vehicle driver deaths involve drugs other than alcohol, such as marijuana and cocaine.” – This is a scary number and it is amazing to see such a large and influential corporation taking this kind of initiative to tackle this important issue.

Ford had this suit set up for everyone to try at the event and I must say it was incredibly eyeopening to see how it affected people in different ways and how limited people were when they had the suit on – there is no better way to spread a message than to let people experience it first hand!


One could never expect me to attend such an event and not include fashion in some way, shape or form! This was a tough one, as I had never been to the unveiling of a new truck before, therefore I had no idea if everyone would be in blue jeans and plaid shirts, or dressed up cocktail style. I saw this as a great opportunity to do neither and went with a more edgy in-between look. I wore my new favorite black high-waisted Levis ($80 from Artizia!) that I rarely leave the house without these days, along with a heather gray, long sleeved crop and my classic Mackage leather jacket. A simple, comfortable yet chic look!


XOXO Kristy


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