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Welcome to Floral + Bows! My name is Kristy Archibald, the writer, editor and creative founder of this lifestyle + fashion blog. I am based in Calgary, Alberta as a local communications + PR professional and freelance lifestyle writer. I have a strong passion for supporting local businesses, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, discovering and learning about new cultures + people and making vivid memories with my close family and friends – and being well dressed while I am at it!

I am an avid social butterfly with a love of connecting with people and being inspired by the unordinary. On a Friday night I can either be found with a glass of Merlot perusing Calgary’s social scene or tucked away reading the latest New York Times Bestseller – or let’s be honest, catching up on emails.

My signature style consists of many floral garments and bows, hence the inspiration for the name of this blog. If I am not wearing something that you would find hanging on the windows of your grandma’s living room or your dad’s bow tie collection, then my go-to is usually plaid or a classic 20’s style peter pan collar. Ever since I was a little girl I have been playing dress up and styling outfits, so naturally it has transferred into my adult life and into my career.

I am a proud University of Calgary Graduate with a BA in Communications + Business. From the very beginning I fell in love with communications and learning about the different ways to interact and connect with different audiences – needless to say “the medium is the message” has become my mantra that I use in many aspects of daily activities. In school, I took every opportunity I could to get involved, from being the president of the Communications Club to volunteering at local events around Calgary. Volunteering is how I fine-tuned many of my communications skills and is still a way that I stay connected to the community and up-to-date on my PR + Communications skills and abilities. Working on creative projects, learning the newest social networking fad or figuring out how to create a brand and convey its messaging to its audience are just a few of my favorite things of my ever evolving career.

I have had the opportunity to write in a variety of different industries so far and as a result, it has allowed my writing to become extremely diverse and adaptable. Some local blogs that I have had the honorary opportunity to write for are STMDR, YYC Girl Gang, The Who To Call Blog, The RV Care Network Blog and the Bucars RV Blog + feature magazine. Currently, I am working on some exciting projects with Dote Magazine, Standout Publications, Moments magazine, YYC Girl Gang and more to be announced soon!

Floral + Bows has been a work in progress for quite some time and will continue to mould and grow as I discover new and wonderful things. This blog will contain my daily musings, fashion + style inspirations, travelling escapades and life through the lens of a refined 24 year old sassy single girl in Calgary attempting to be a successful #GirlBoss. My hope is that this blog will be relatable and will inspire those who read it in one way or another!

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. – Edith Head

Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin and don’t hesitate to contact me for further information on my resume or for writing samples!


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